Our vision:

No waste from tooling

Composite materials are fantastic materials to design with because they can be optimised to deal efficiently with the environmental and structural conditions they are exposed to. Perhaps more importantly, they allow for freedom of shape in whatever applications in which they are used.

For anything other than a flat shape, a mould is always required. For one-offs and low series production this can lead to an incredible amount of waste once the product has been made.

We have a vision to eliminate the waste from tooling.

Put simply, our vision is to create composite structures manufactured responsibly.


Our mission is two-fold

1. Large structures no longer need large moulds

We have big ideas for now and the future to work towards this mission.

The answer? Composite Panel Assemblies.

Take time to watch the presentation by Curve Works co-founder, Tahira Ahmed on applying this mission to building superyachts.

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2. All tooling is 100% reusable

Not recyclable, reusable. We are always on the look-out for technologies that remove  waste, and unnecessary cost, from tooling.

The first technology that we have implemented is the Adaptive Mould from our partners Adapa ApS.

With a single mould we create singly and doubly curved products without the lead time and material costs of individual moulds.


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Innovating on our principles

We use a combination of innovative thinking, knowledge and technology in solving the needs of the client in the most responsible way.

Whether it is to design a composite structure, develop an affordable production technique,  or manufacture a new product, we provide solutions are based on our vision and missions.

Innovation area

Feel free to download papers on our innovation or watch our latest videos.

Tool-less manufacturing of composite hulls and superstructures

Composite structures manufactured without the waste from tooling using 3D Composite Kits​

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Composite panel assembly

Watch how simple a panel assembly can be: a large doubly curved composite structure assembled from panels produced on our adaptive mould.

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