Plastic curved windscreens and windows for prototypes and one-offs

Curve Works offers affordable curved glazing shaped to your design and manufactured on our adaptive moulds. 

Clear, tinted or coloured acrylic and polycarbonate panels – whatever the application, we offer support to ensure the best result.


curved windscreens and windows for any application


Clear and tinted acrylic windscreens


From lightly curved to more extreme shapes
Credit: STE / Bart van Overbeeke

wavy acrylic panels for interiors

architectural & display

Create large installations with curved plastics. Finishings are limitless!

manufactured with our unique technology

We have developed our own technology using an automated adaptive mould to thermoform quality plastic panels for curved windscreens and windows. Panels up to sizes of 3.2 x 1.4 m can be thermoformed into doubly curved shapes.

The adaptive mould configures itself directly from a 3D CAD file. This means we can manufacture a complete set of unique panels from one single mould.

We typically use acrylic (PMMA) and polycarbonate (PC) sheets for thermoforming windscreens and window panels, but we are always willing to try new materials so contact us with your project! 

curved plexiglas