curved laminated wood

engineered wood for truly free-form design

We have developed two engineered wood products for interior and exterior architectural applications. Using an adaptive mould as a tool, we shape laminated wood panels into singly and doubly curved shapes without the extra step of steaming or kerf-cutting the wood.

With the adaptive mould technology, shape is no longer a limiting factor – we can help you realise thoseĀ  extraordinary design projects.

our products

Curved laminated wood panels

COPPICE series

Coppice engineered wood panels are composed of thin layers of cross laminated timber. Our panels are unique in that the timber can be pre-cut to different shapes to achieve patterned wood.

curved wood sandwich panel


The Carapace series are wood sandwich panels composed of a balsa core and veneer skins. Carapace is used where lightweight properties are a strict requirement.

the features

Our curved wood series are available with the following features:

  • curves down to 300 mm radius of curvature
  • panels up to dimensions of 3.5 x 1.6 m
  • mm accuracy on shape to realise the envisioned design
  • ease of assembly of panels with our blind mounting solutions
  • a variety of wood types available, as well as bamboo

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