3D thermoformed
foam core kits

When your client demands the best

Curve Works offers the world’s first 3D thermoformed foam core kits.

We have replaced traditional core laying methods with a brand new approach: we provide curved structural core kits, with low-to-no springback, enabling a much faster, and therefore much lower cost of, installation.

We do this using our fully automated adaptive mould and unique infrastructure to create all the shapes needed for your build.


Hull core kitted

Hull reinforcements

Curved composite balconies and hatches

3d thermoformed foam core

Repair panels

the benefits

With our thermoformed foam core kit solution, you can expect:

  • a mapping and nesting service to ensure minimal material waste
  • correction for springback for a better fitting core kit
  • reduced assembly times
  • ease of assembly as cores up to 50 mm thick can be thermoformed with our unique process
  • kilograms less resin consumption per square metre compared to grid-scored foam.

See how much weight savings are possible compared to 2D kits using our resin-uptake calculator.

unique challenges

Are you designing your next high-performance boat, looking for solutions to achieve the lightest structure possible or have an exotic shape for the build? With our knowledge in thermoforming structural foam core and in mould solutions, we’re the right partner for you.

Structural foam core kit assembly on the bow area
chamfered foam core edges in mould
chamfered core inserts
curved chamfer foam on mould

details matter

Decrease your assembly times even further. Aside from straight-edge cutting, we offer chamfered edges and machined features.

Contact us or download our product brochure to find out what we can do for your next build.

3D Core Kit product brochure