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Thermoforming perspex

Category Thermoforming   Project Description A doubly curved form was required for a motor boat windscreen. We used our infrared heating panel to bring the 6mm perspex sheet to temperature and formed the panel. The image shows the panel on the mould after cooling and the laser-projected shape of the final product.  [...]

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Hand lamination

Category Hand lamination   Project Description A "peak and trough" form was generated using our CAD software and sent to the the adaptive mould. After the mould configured itself to the required shape, Parabeam 3D textile was placed on the mould and the layup was hand laminated with polyester resin.   [...]

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Thermoforming of a foam core panel

Category Thermoforming   Project Description Thermoforming of a marine-grade foam panel. The panel was heated to forming temperature with heating blankets prior and during forming. 

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Curve Works purchases deformable mould

Curve Works has purchased her first deformable mould from Adapa ApS. The mould will be capable of both thermoforming and manufacturing panels of up to 3600 x 1560 mm, with a minimum radius of curvature of at least 450 mm. For more information on the specification of the mould, please contact us!    

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One-page brochures

You download the one-page brochures here and discover what Curve Works has to offer for Architecture, Marine and Prototyping & small-series production. Onepager_Architecture.pdf Onepager_Marine.pdf Onepager_Prototyping.pdf

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Technical Feasibility Demonstrated

Curve Works demonstrated that making composite panels on reconfigurable tooling is technically feasible. Curve Works manufactured in February GFRP sample panels at  ADAPA. The experience was what we hoped for and we have showcased that manufacturing curved composite panels can be done fast & efficiently. We have demonstrated this for flat laminates, stiffened panels & sandwich [...]

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New website launched

Curve works is proud to present their new website. This website is still in progress. Information will be added on a regular basis.

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