Architecture & Installations

Realising large free-form facades and structures

Curve Works enables architects, interior designers and artists to realise free-form facades and other organic structures affordably.

Fibre reinforced composites – wood – natural acrylic stone. Challenge us with the requirements of your design.

Our special automated adaptive mould and dedicated manufacturing facility enables us to meet complex design requirements affordably. The adaptive mould configures itself directly from a 3D-CAD file. This means we can manufacture a complete set of unique panels from one single mould.

No more:

  • manufacturing unique tooling for every panel
  • concessions in the design because of excessive costs.

The result is significant manufacturing cost reduction.

See why composite materials make great designs possible

free-form is possible

facades & cladding

We have extensive manufacturing knowledge to produce high quality singly and doubly curved panels, which form the basis of free-form facades.


Large internal constructions such as curved wall or ceiling panels and stairs are perfectly suitable for our adaptive mould technology.


Create large installations - functional, interactive or otherwise. With composite materials, anything is possible.

our products

Curved fibre-reinforced sandwich panels​


Strong, stiff and super lightweight. Natural-fibre reinforced sandwich panels. As an extra bonus, fully recyclable versions are now available.

Curved reinforced foam core panels​

curved composite sandwich panel Tempera


Light panels reinforced with glass fibres and water-based resin, and finished with any texture. Our lowest carbon footprint solution.

Curved wood panels


Real wood shaped using our special process. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, providing a luxurious look and feel.

More information on all our panel solutions will be available soon, otherwise please feel free to contact us!