Low cost curved panels

All industries suffer from high tooling costs when it comes to one-offs and small series of 3D composite structures. Curve Works is a manufacturing company that produces singly and doubly curved composite and plastic panels. Through our pin-bed based reconfigurable mould, we can manufacture a complete set of unique panels from one single mould and deliver affordable panels for prototypes, one-offs and small series production. Turn-around times are quick, too.

Our specially designed manufacturing facility includes convection and infra-red ovens allowing optimised heating depending on the materials being processed.

The benefits Curve Works can provide you  includes:

Elimination of tooling costs so that one-offs with complex curvature become affordable as they can be produced directly off the adaptive mould.

Fast and affordable production of panels directly off the adaptive mould, which, due to the elimination of the tooling production step, are lower in cost, shorter lead times and are suitable for high temperature curing.

Maximum flexibility for last-minute changes or immediate iteration on design

Production of an entire product on our adaptive mould

Reduction of energy and materials required for traditional tooling and mould hardware

Elimination of space required for tooling storage.

A variety of processing methods are possible

Our equipment is also very suitable for the following processes:

  • Thermoforming
  • Hand lamination of fibre reinforced plastics
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Prepreg layup

Whether your project requires a composite prototype, one-off or small series production, Curve Works can support you in achieving your goals to-time and to-cost.

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Low-cost singly and doubly curved panels enabled through a reconfigurable mould. Images courtesy of ADAPA.
Countless shapes from a single mould