Curve Works is a manufacturing company with the specific aim to realise affordable, fast small-series composite products. We adopt new technologies and materials to achieve affordability with a focus on singly and doubly curved panels and panel assemblies. Through our unique adaptive mould and specially designed manufacturing facility, we can deliver affordable composite panels for prototypes, one-offs and small series production.

Common problems of prototyping and small-series production

The crippling costs of tooling stop many ideas at the drawing board. Complex-shaped small-series products and one-offs are often disregarded because:

  • High tooling costs prohibit a commercially viable product
  • Lead times are excessive because tooling needs to be developed, manufactured and transported
  • Storage and/or disposal of unique moulds has a high logistical and/or environmental impact

Curve Works works together with:

A chance for new ideas

Curve Works offers a solution with pin-based reconfigurable tooling. What does that mean for you?

  • Tooling costs are eliminated and one-offs with complex curvature become affordable
  • Adaptive moulds provide maximum flexibility for last-minute changes or immediate iteration on design
  • Entire product can potentially be made with a single tool
  • Energy and materials required for traditional hardware is eliminated
  • Space requirements for tooling is dramatically reduced

Industries we aim to serve:

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