Resin-uptake calculator

Thermoformed structural cores provide the lightest solution for curved sandwich structures. To quantify this, we have developed a resin-uptake calculator, verified with real-life tests, to compare 2D kits with our 3D Core Kits. Use the calculator to gain insight to potential weight savings.

foam core finishing

Our 3D Core Kits are delivered perforated with or without infusion grooves. 2D kit structural foam core is available in many finishing options, which greatly affect the final weight of the sandwich structure.

structural foam core with perforations

Perforated core

Drilled or punched holes to aid air removal from the layup.

structural foam core with infusion grooves

Grooved core

Grooves on one or both sides to aid vacuum infusion. Also available with perforations.

Single cut structural foam core

single-cut core

Knife- or saw- cuts in one direction on one or both sides. The cuts aids conformity to the required shape.

Double cut structural foam core

double-cut core

Knife- or saw- cuts in two directions on one or both sides. Triple-cut core is another variant.

Scrimmed structural foam core

Contour scrim

Knife- or saw- cuts in two directions on one side. A glass fibre scrim is bonded onto the opposite side.

Each structural foam core supplier has different options for the finishing. Please consult the relevant material supplier data sheets on the right for the required values.

the calculator

General input


3D Core Kit input

2D kit input

Resin-uptake 3D Core Kit versus 2D Kit [kg/m2]
Resin-uptake 3D Core Kit with and without infusion grooves [kg/m2]

We would love to hear from you if you have any feedback or improvements you would like to see implemented in the calculator!

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